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I decided to start updating my site today (29 February 2020).

I am also Adding / Changing some information on some outdated pages.

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How it all started

My interest in Ham Radio communication was started during my Scouting career as an adult leader for Edenvale Scout Group in Gauteng Province, South Africa. My introduction to Ham Radio communication was at a “Jamboree – On-The-Air (JOTA)” event held at the Gilwell Scout Training Centre in which Edenvale Scouts participated.

I however left Scouting in 2005 and later re-joined Scouting in 2010 to assist in running the “Harmelia Air Scout Group”. The Scouts showed a keen interest in participating in the 2011 JOTA/JOTI event. During registration I came across a posting on the World Scouting JOTA/JOTI website about an internet based “HAM emulation” software package, HamSphere, which could be used for training the Scouts.

This software was downloaded and was found to be most suitable for training of the Scouts. Training was given to Scout Patrol Leaders and they found it fun to talk to other “operators” in the world. Many of the operators, former Scouts themselves. Interestingly it was found that there were a large number of licensed HAM operators using this package due to various reasons. An advantage given was expensive equipment was not needed, no aerials need to be installed and it only requires an internet connection.

I became a subscriber of HamSphere and met fellow South Africans “on-the-air”, Sidney, Eric, Andre and other regular users, Vic in Canada VE3JAR, Tony in Netherlands and many more. The software was recently upgraded to include aspects of propagation, choice of aerials and other tools so as to become a really good Ham Radio emulation package. This created even more interest in the “hobby”.

During the time using this newer version I met Etienne, ZS6ZA, and it so happens that he is located near my home town. Also he knew Sidney, ZS6SID and my fellow HamSphere user Eric, who earned his call-sign, ZS6ZP in 2014. Sidney attended training classes at the Kempton Park Amateur Radio Technical Club to which Etienne is a member.

Through the encouragement of Etienne and my fellow HamSphere users, Eric and Sidney, I joined the Kempton Park Amateur Radio Technical Club and attended their Class A licence training classes along with Eric. Both Eric and I as at 13th June 2015 earned our call-signs, ZS6ZP and ZS6DEZ respectively.

As further information I am retired. My past 28 years have been spent in the field of Analytical Chemistry as a technical specialist. First as a service engineer, and after six years, as a sales person. I was also later involved in providing local training courses and methodology support for customers on the subject.

My career started in the field of electronics in 1972 with PHILIPS South Africa. In the first two years of service we spent time in various divisions of the company. My first six months was in the technical section of PHILIPS Telecommunications: Two Way Radios. I also received product training in other fields of electronics: - Medical systems; Video and Broadcast; Test equipment; Public Address and Audio; Analytical X-ray systems.

My hobby interests include Scouting, interesting software packages, software program writing and now renewed interest in electronic design.

I look forward to a day our paths may cross and have a QSO with you.

73 de ZS6DEZ